Cursillo is difficult to describe…

Due to the unique nature of each Cursillo weekend, it can difficult for people to explain just what Cursillo is like. You may hear comments like “I can’t explain – you just have to experience it” or “We don’t want to spoil the surprise.”  Why do people find it so hard just tell you all about it?

To give some context, here’s how it works: For a Cursillo weekend to satisfy the minimum requirements of our charter, we must have fifteen talks on specific subjects given by lay people and clergy. There must also be five meditations given by Lutheran clergy. Those talks and meditations, plus sufficient meals and sleep time are all that we technically require for a Cursillo to be complete. The lay director or “rector/a” of each weekend is given the opportunity to implement other activities on the weekend to enhance those talks as he or she sees fit. For example, your Cursillo weekend may or may not incorporate a foot washing service to make real our call to serve others. You may or may not have an upbeat praise service on Saturday evening to bring people together in community. There have been opportunities to play volleyball on the lawn from time to time. There have also been weekends with no outdoor activity. Your rector/a may even decide to change the layout of the weekend on the fly if he or she feels led to do so.

Detailing out any particular weekend in advance could set up false expectations that would interfere with your experience. We highly recommend you enter your Cursillo weekend with no expectations and let the events unfold in their own time. We realize that this is a difficult thing to do for some people, but it’s just one part of the Cursillo method that works. When attendees let go of their own expectations and to trust the weekend plan, they are more likely to be receptive to the message of the weekend. They’re more likely to re-enter their environments charged as leaders for Christ.

Please feel free to browse our FAQ’s on this page. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us, ask a cursillista from your church, talk to your pastor or join us at an open ultreya. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have in a quick manner, and no question will go unanswered. It is our aim to educate people about Cursillo and how effective a tool it is for developing bold leaders in the Lutheran church.

Frequently Asked Questions

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