LCSC Pilgrim Application

Click here if you wish to download and complete this application via hard copy instead. Upon completion, please provide it to your sponsor, pastor or both.

Please Note – Once you click ‘Submit’, if you provided their email address, your application will be…

  • Emailed to your pastor for review/approval. With the demands upon our pastor’s time being so great, it is suggested that you notify your pastor that you have applied – and to please watch their email for your application. The review/approval is very quick and simple.
  • Emailed to your sponsor (if you already have one). It will include instructions on what steps they need to follow to ensure you receive your invitation to attend. It is suggested that you notify your sponsor as well.
  • Emailed to our Registrar who will review your information and, if approved, extend you an invitation to attend.
  • Emailed to you for your records.


If you do not yet have a sponsor your pastor will receive a second email letting them know to please help pair you up with someone who has already attended a Cursillo weekend.

LCSC Pilgrim Application

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