LC166 Angel Sign-Ups

LC166 - Angel Sign-Up Sheet

Lutheran Cursillo of Southern California is pleased to now offer Angel Sign-Ups online.

Many hands make light work. Anyone who as ever served on a weekend knows how much we cherish angels who come throughout the weekend to lend a hand. Angeling is a GREAT opportunity to participate on a weekend without committing to a full 4 days. Please note that Friday is a "closed campus" for pilgrims and team only. Thank you for your spirt of idealism, self-surrender and charity.

Please prayerfully consider signing up for one or more slots below.

Sign up below...

What When Total Spots Available Spots
What When Total Spots Available Spots
Thursday - Unload the Trailer and Set Up for the Weekend February 16, 2017 20 12 • (empty) - sign-ups closed
Saturday - Set up, Cook & Serve the Agape Feast February 18, 2017 20 14 • (empty) - sign-ups closed
Saturday - Sing at the Agape Feast & Help Clean Up Afterward February 18, 2017 20 8 • (empty) - sign-ups closed
Sunday Morning - Clean the Facility & Help Load the Trailer February 19, 2017 20 15 • (empty) - sign-ups closed
Sunday Afternoon - Clean the Facility and Help Load the Trailer February 19, 2017 20 9 • (empty) - sign-ups closed
Sunday Afternoon - Wash Rollo Room Tablecloths February 19, 2017 3 0

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